Starch is commonly enjoyed across the Niger Delta region; in fact, it is an important meal for the South-South people of Nigeria. It is made from cassava and it can be stored for a long time in a fridge. Unlike Amala and Semo, Starch is different. Not to scare you but Starch is harder to make than any other swallow. It requires a lot of

My advice is, when you want to make Starch, do not make too much at once. It is better to break it onto batches if you have a lot of mouth to feed, the arm cardio involved to make much is more than you think. So, when you dissolve the starch in water, dissolve little because as you turn it slowly forms into lumps and solidify and become heavier. For a first timer, making Starch would prove difficult and you might not produce a goo done but with constant practice and attention, you will be a pro in no time.

To make Starch you will need: Starch, Water and Oil.


  1. Pour your starch in a bowl and mix wit water (this varies for persons. I like to add enough water to make it easy to turn and control)
Mix the Starch with water
Dissolved Starch

2. Add the liquid to the frying pan(I prefer to use this because it is easier to wash off) and add a little oil. (Just a splash, shouldn’t be too much. The oil is what gives it the orange/yellow color).

3. Place on low-medium heat. This is so the starch doesn’t solidify so fast.

4. Stir with wooden spatula on fire continuously. (if you stop stirring the starch will become lumpy).

Stir the Starch continuously

5. Once you feel the lumps forming, stir harder to mix them together to form a whole mass.

6.  You will see that it begins to come together into one big mass. Add hot water (like when you make Amala)

7.  Keep stirring till the hot water is absorbed. The starch should take on an elastic nature now and the color should be translucent. If at this point it is still hard, add hot water and keep stirring

8.  You will know it is ready when it pulls away from the sides and bottom of the pan and doesn’t stick so much to the spatula.

Now your Starch is ready. Serve hot with any delicious soup. I enjoy mine best with Banga soup. (See recipe, Click here)

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